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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Aotearoa Leadership Tour will not be going ahead. Get excited for the tour to run again in 2021!


The Aotearoa Leadership Tour is an opportunity like no other to learn about indigenous rights and culture through a two-week tour of New Zealand.

The Aotearoa Leadership Tour brings together 16 young Australians in Years 10 – 12 to explore indigenous rights, culture and reconciliation during the June/July 2020 school holidays.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Australia’s relationship with its first peoples through an intercultural tour of New Zealand. The Tour focuses on the rich history and tradition of the Maori people, and the methods used to preserve this culture.

Read the ALT 2020 Handbook here.

You’ll spend two weeks travelling through Wellington, Auckland, Waitangi, Rotorua and Sydney to meet and work with local communities, grassroots organisations, government representatives and NGOs at the forefront of the fight for indigenous rights.

What Past Delegates Have Said

 “The entire two weeks of the Aotearoa Leadership Tour were life changing. I can’t quite pinpoint how it happened, or even tie down individual events that have made it happen, but I returned to Australia feeling like a different person. A more empowered, passionate person, and one who wants to see change.”
Kate Turner, Aotearoa Leadership Tour 2014

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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Aotearoa Leadership Tour will not be going ahead.


Please feel free to get in touch with the Chief International Operations Officer, Maneesha Gopalan at maneesha.gopalan@sportica88.com.

Media Inquiries

UN Youth Australia welcomes enquiries from media interested in reporting on the tour. Please email communications@sportica88.com and we will get back to you with more information.


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